Why Choose Invisalign Over Wire Braces?

Why Choose Invisalign over wire braces? “Come on! I hate metals in my teeth.” “How about that? Your teeth needs to be aligned”  “Is there other way?”

“Try Invisalign – no metals” “What? Is there such thing?” … Big Yes!


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The name speaks for itself – Invisalign. Let’s dissect the name – invis’ and align’. Actually, if someone asks you why you would choose it over the wires and the metals, you could just answer: “two words – invisible and alignment.

It’s no secret that wires and braces have their inconvenience. Come on! You may enjoy your chocolate fondue or peanuts with your braces on but – okay, the word “but” trumps it – you can’t smile. Braces are not designed in a single material. Hence, your dentist needs to assemble the parts.’ Since the wire are just connected as clipped to your tooth, hard foods may dislodge it easily. Let’s just say you are in the middle of a dining event when the steak dislodged the wires. There is no 24-hours dental services. That is so inconvenient.

There are so many advantages that we can talk about with this new teeth alignment technology that I could go on and on about them. I will be sitting down with my local dentist to make sure that they are right for me but I can tell you from my own personal research that the odds are looking very favorable.

The best thing about them is that they are literally invisible of course and that means most people won’t even realize that you are wearing them or that you are in the process of getting your teeth in alignment. My issue is that I want to close in the gaps between my front teeth and it is something that I’ve always wanted to do growing up and now that I have a great way to do it I’m looking forward to finally getting what I want.

With the braces, foods easily stuck up. With Invisalign, basically, the food will not stuck up. There are no gaps and spaces between the tooth and Invisalign and among the teeth since it’s whole plastic designed to cover your entire set of tooth. Whereas, since it is designed like your retainers, you could just dislodge it when you are eating. Your usual “something stuck in your tooth” problem is solved.

“Wait! You said you could just dislodge it at your freewill, is it possible?”


So, your toothbrush enjoys more freedom. Your flossing is smooth. Nothing’s more pleasant with those. Your tendency to have tooth decay is lower since you have no excuse not to clean those tight spots in your teeth which the wires usually blocks.

“I usually injures my gums with the wires” Or “Braces are just too risky for contact sports” “Problem solved! Invisalign provides it”

Remove it and you are not afraid to play. Remove it and you are not afraid that it will impair your pronunciation during important speeches. You want to showcase your smile during photos? Remove it and you have your clear smile. Actually, it is made of plastic that it is barely visible. So, ready your smile and your camera; remove it or not – you have your smile shining!

Convenience and aesthetic = Invisalign.

Try the invisalign Frisco TX dentist office for a top quality practice, as well as the invisalign McKinney TX dentist who is know to be an expert in the field. Now understand that all people’s teeth are a little different so you may have to actually speak with one of these dentist to see if this new tooth alignment method will work for you or is right for you.